Share Buyback Program

The Board of Directors convened at the Company headquarters,

In response to recent price movements of the Company’s shares traded on the Stock Exchange, which fail to accurately reflect the company’s financial performance and to rectify price inconsistencies, and to foster the healthy formation of prices in the stock market;

In accordance with the Capital Markets Board’s Principle Decision numbered i-SPK.22.7 (dated 14.02.2023 and 9/177 s.k.) and the Regulation on Repurchased Shares under Series II‐22.1, detailed below is the Buyback Program and associated transactions to be conducted,

Key components of the buyback program;

a- Buyback Objective: To address recent price movements of the Company’s shares that inaccurately reflect the company’s financial performance and to mitigate price inconsistencies, thereby supporting healthy price formation in the stock market,

b- Duration of the Buyback Program: 1 year,

c- Maximum Number of Shares Eligible for Buyback: Up to 25,000,000 TL nominal value representing approximately 3.73% of the Company’s issued capital,

Upon reaching the maximum number of shares eligible for buyback, the termination of the buyback program without waiting for the 1-year period,

Establishing principles regarding the resale of repurchased shares at this stage,

Allocating a maximum of 506,000,000 TL for buyback and covering this amount from the company’s cash and cash equivalents,

This decision was made unanimously.


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